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Car Repair Insurance Tips For Your Dream Car

Car Repair Insurance Tips

car repair insurance tipsIn a world where money is tight and cars are vital to our existence, it is important to protect both your car and your pocket book. If you are like most of the struggling working class, chances are you are living paycheck to paycheck and you simply can not afford unexpected emergencies, like car repairs.

The solution to this problem is to get a good car repair insurance policy. How do you know what insurance policy is the best one for you and your beloved automobile though? Following car repair insurance tips will help you in deciding the right policy. 

Here are some valuable car repair insurance tips:

Be Covered End To End – The first car repair insurance tips is that your car must be covered End to End. You can purchase a car repair insurance policy known as bumper to bumper coverage. This means that most repairs that you may incur will be covered by your full bumper to bumper coverage. This is often the best way to go because the policy will include repairs on the engine, drivetrain, transmission, exhaust, brakes and electrical components and more. 

Make Sure You Read the Terms – Secondly, before paying any money for a car repair insurance policy, make sure you read through all terms and conditions of the contract. Remember that you will be signing a legal and binding document when you sign the policy so look through the fine print. This will not only help you avoid getting ripped off, but it will ensure that you know exactly what is and isn’t covered in your policy. By doing this, you won’t be stuck at mechanic’s shop with a pricey bill that you find out isn’t covered by your insurance after the repair has already been completed. Also check on the company that covering the policy, and find out how long they have been in business. 

Do Not Pay Up Front – Thirdly, you might find a policy that is cheaper than dirt and you think it is too good to pass up, but no matter how cheap a policy is, you should never pay up front for your car repairs. Some policies may ask that you pay the mechanic out of your own pocket and then file a claim to be reimbursed later. However this is taking a major risk. If the company that is insuring you is not legitimate, you could end up being stuck with the bill. Even if the company insuring you is legitimate, you could end up waiting weeks to months to get a reimbursement check for the mechanic bill that you paid out of your own pocket! 

Find Out About Claims Handling – Inquire as to how a car repair insurance claim is filed and handled through the prospective insurance company you are looking to purchase from. Do they have agents available for your call twenty four hour a day? Do they have specific mechanics you can use or are they a free agent coverage company? If they do require you to go to a specific mechanic for your repair, are these auto shops reputable and readily available in many locations regardless of where your car breaks down?

Car Repair Insurance Tips – Final Thoughts

Make sure to take buying car repair insurance as seriously as you would if you were pick a health care provider and insurance company. This may not be a physical / bodily life you are insuring, but it is the life of your car that you are insuring!

Further, make sure to follow the above car repair insurance tips  and you will soon be able to drive with confidence in knowing that you are protected no matter what unexpected occurrence comes your way! 


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