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Car Repair Insurance Companies

Car Repair Insurance Companies

Car Repair Insurance Companies

There are quite a few Car repair insurance companies which are providing best service and good quotes. There are many auto repair insurance companies which offer car repair insurance policies. some of the best companies are mentioned below:

Warranty Direct

Warranty Direct the largest car repair insurance policy provider out of various car repair insurance companies. This company is providing extended warranties policies since many years. Warranty Direct has sufficient funds to pay any claims under their warranties, and are rated to be one of the most reliable extended warranty service provider whenever there is a case of honouring claims of their car repair insurance policies.


Carchex is one of the best car repair insurance companies overall. It has also received the customer satisfaction rewards. Carchex helps its customers in identifying a tailor made auto repair insurance policy which will address their immediate issues instead of focusing on a general purpose policy.

Allstate Insurance

The Allstate Insurance company also provides policies for collision insurance along with car repair insurance. This gives them an competitive edge over others in the insurance sector. They also honour their customer's claims without creating any problems for their customers. Their rules and regulations are not as hard like other car repair insurance companies. Allstate insurance policies are rated highly in honouring of claims and handling of customer's payment requests. Allstate Insurance policies are very simple and easy to understand.

AAA Insurance

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has been a leading provider in the field of car insurance for many years. They always deliver quality of policy coupled with incredible benefits to their customers. AAA Insurance offers many car repair insurance policies to suit the needs of policy holders.

There are many other car repair insurance companies in the market and many other online car repair insurance providers. However, above mentioned car repair insurance companies are the best of the lot.

Car repair insurance companies – How to choose the best company.

Choosing the right auto repair insurance company is very important because they will be the one to help you settle any claims arising due to wear and tear of car during the policy period. Here are some tips which one must consider before choosing a car repair insurance company.

- Track record of settling claims and payments of extended warranty company. A good company will have good record in settlement of claims arising under its issued policies.

- The complaint record of a company will provide a benchmark in your decision making process.

- Find out which car repair shops are recommended by each car repair insurance companies.

Car Repair Insurance Companies – Main Point before taking a decision.

Another point which one must consider before taking a final decision is to look out for the financial strength rating of the car repair insurance companies because if they are financially sound only then they will be able to honour your claims.


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